Movie Madness

When I was in high school I went to the movies a lot. I mean A LOT. I went so much that I had a column in my high school’s paper with my movie reviews. But somehow, the amount of movies I see has dramatically decreased. And I have realized why.

I used to go to Showplace 8, or even to Rivertree (the sketchiest movie theater ever) and go see a 7:30 or 8:00 movie for $4.50. How cheap does that sound now?! Student pricing, and suddenly my entire night  is under $15 if I get something inexpensive for dinner. When was the last time you spent under $15 for dinner and a movie, and maybe even a snack at the theater?

That was back when Kerosotes operated Showplace 8. They had student pricing and they also gave discounts to our active duty soldiers. But that doesn’t exist any more.

I get that we are in this horrible economic crisis that started in 2008, right before I finished high school. But I don’t understand the logic of making movie prices upwards of $8 and not changing anything in the theater. If I want a nice movie theater that’s clean, etc. then I used to go to Lincolnshire because the tickets were more expensive so everything there was nicer. But that’s not true anymore. Ticket prices have become about supplying a sub-par experience to people and then charging  an arm and a leg for it.

But ever since AMC Theaters bought Showplace 8, not only have prices gone up, but now there are no discount options for anybody. Not just students, but seniors, and the military. I just think that’s wrong. Those are some of your most loyal moviegoers, and just by getting rid of the discount you are losing opportunities.

I would even go so far as to say that expensive movie tickets are discouraging high school students and other underage kids to go to the movies. One might even say because of this they start drinking earlier. I never drank in high school, in fact it wasn’t even something I thought about. I went to the movies on Friday night, and maybe even Saturday night too. There was always a new movie to see, and the price was good. Maybe if they had student pricing again, that would help  encourage kids to do something sober on the weekend.

But now, even if I want  to go to the movies, I hate the idea that I’m spending at least $10 when I go. What if you don’t like the movie? Before, it was okay because it was less than $5 to go see a movie. So if it was awful, then you’d just think “well it wasn’t that expensive so that’s kind of okay.” But now, I think if I spent $10 and I hated the movie, I would want my money back. But somehow that logic doesn’t quite work. 😛

I unfortunately don’t have a solution. I only know that I’ve seen way less movies this summer than I wanted to, simply because I can’t afford to go. So because of that, I think I saw 3 movies this summer. I must say I used to promote Netflix, but now that they’ve hiked their prices up so much, I don’t foresee myself continuing my service anymore. I don’t understand how you can charge so much for a service that you barely do, and then seem surprised when people don’t want to pay that much money.

If anyone knows how I can get cheaper movie tickets, feel free to let me know. 🙂

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