Puzzled by Pedestrians

So I commute every day to downtown Chicago on the train for my summer internship. I have learned to appreciate the commute, losing about 10 hours a week to the train. Whatever, I read a lot.

The other day it was raining. Actually pouring. If you’re from the Chicago-area it was the day of the storm that knocked power out for the second time in three weeks. And I get it. Rain sucks. You don’t want to get wet.

So I was expecting a lot of traffic of pedestrians as usual when I got off the train. But much to my surprise it took me 10 minutes to get from the train to the exit of the station. I was like what is happening?! And then when I finally got to the top of the station to leave, I saw it. A HUGE group of people just standing in front of the exit under the overhand so they wouldn’t get soaked.

Seriously, you are going to stand there and back up the exit from the train at 8:30 a.m.? Are you joking?!

I’m sorry that you don’t have your umbrella, but maybe you should watch the frickin’ weather channel in the morning. Or even get a stupid APP for that.

But come on, this storm wasn’t a surprise. The sky was basically black. BLACK. Not blue. It looked like a tornado or some sort of STORM was going to happen.

Maybe it’s because i go to Colgate where the weather is ridiculous and awful basically 90% of the time. Or maybe it’s because I’m from Chicago where the weather is also bad.

Oh wait.

They are in CHICAGO too.

Well now I’m a little confused…

MAYBE they are all related to the Wicked Witch of the West? That would explain why they had to stay under the overhang…I didn’t realize she had so many offspring…

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