Spring Break

So Spring Break was last week. And I was fortunate enough to go to the Virgin Islands and spend time in the sun and 85 degree weather. Compared to Colgate, it was heaven. Seriously. I could move there and be very happy. Unemployed, but happy. (Apparently the unemployment rate there is about 30-40%)

But anyways, back to my topic. Spring Break. Right. It has the word break in it. Meaning no work. A break. A moment for students to relax before coming back to school and finishing the last six weeks of school. However, many people (myself included) had work that was supposed to be completed over break. For instance, I had a test today. However, did I study while I was in St. Thomas? NO. Of course not. I knew better than to bring my Human Cognition book down there. So consequently, I studied very hard after returning and now am already exhausted.

Three days back from break.

See the problem?

How can it really be a break if at the end of the day you get back from it tired, or if you don’t come back tired, then within 48-76 hours you are already back to the exhaustion you were at before. Why did I come back? I find I am asking myself. God only knows. I keep counting down to the end, it’s almost April, I say. But then I look outside.


I know it’s still March, blah blah blah. But seriously? We are supposed to have 6 inches by tomorrow morning. SIX INCHES. I was on a beach last week. See how I am getting confused and saddened? If I had just struggled through the cold here, then that would be one thing, because then I wouldn’t have recent memories of laying on a beach reading for fun. No, instead this just makes the rude awakening of coming back to school that much worse. (This I realize is not Colgate’s fault, but a problem of all of Upstate New York. Something maybe to work on as New Year’s Resolutions?)

I propose that professors take into account that breaks were meant for a moment of relaxation in the future. It really will help them too. It’s not like the students really do the homework over break anyway. This way, they come back lively and ready to work. And that will lead to a better class  discussion. The kids will be happy from their break, thus willing to do the work. And then the professors will be happy that they are learning. Thus, it is a win-win. 😛

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