Snow Removal

So, in case you haven’t been conscious for the past several days here in Hamilton, then you know that we recently got dumped on in snow. Approximately (with my superb knowledge) about 2 1/2-3 feet. In less than twenty-four hours. That’s a lot of snow. I’m not gonna pretend otherwise.

However, that was three days ago now. Three days. And there is still an atrocious amount of snow in the sidewalks, on the stairs, pathways, and other places that are commonly used by students, faculty, and staff. And this can lead to more injuries, falls, slips, and if nothing else, just plain embarrassment.

I, for one, fell a couple of weeks ago on Persson stairs because they were covered in snow because it was” Sunday.” Yes, because of course the fact that it is a weekend is a valid reason. Look. I get that the people who clear the snow from Buildings & Grounds have lives–I’m not suggesting that they give those up. But come on Colgate! What in the world are we paying for if we can’t even have the steepest stairs on campus taken care of on the weekends? And I know that the administration does not want to address the issue but…what about all the drunkards walking back up the hill (or for that matter walking down it)? Intoxication can only take the blame so far.

I live on Broad Street, in a Special Interest house. Our sidewalk to our house (in addition to the other Special Interest houses) did not get plowed until Tuesday morning, I saw them plowing at 8am as I ran to catch the cruiser.

Look, I get that there aren’t that many students at my house and that other places have priority. But it literally hadn’t been plowed once. None. Zippo. It’s not like someone came, and then more snow fell. Nope. We were expected to trek through approximately three feet of snow. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s acceptable. I don’t care that there are only 30 people at my house. That is thirty people who you have made feel unwelcome, unsafe, and just plain unwanted. Is that really the atmosphere you want to make Colgate?

Ice picks are something that I didn’t realize the administration was lacking. I hail from the midwest, where we get snow, not this much, but enough that I know how to work an ice pick–something that is around $3. Yet it does not appear to be in the Colgate budget as no one is bothering to break up huge chunks of ice (for example, by Dana, where there is a 4 x 4 of complete ice–a death trap). No, such a simple thing is just too obvious for B&G to use. And then there is of course the fact that the Quad still has a good 3-4 inches of snow packed down to the ground because no one got rid of it initially. Yes, let’s make walking hard for those who (like me) have already injured themselves from falling on this campus.

Colgate has become a mine-field of black-ice, dense snow, and uncaring administration. Until this is fixed, everyone should carry their own ice pick to maneuver safely on campus.

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