Trudy Fitness Center

So today was the opening of the new Trudy Fitness Center here at dear old Colgate.  And what a great new gym it is. With floor to ceiling windows, the people on ellipticals and treadmills can pretend they are running outside, as opposed to staring at a wall. But it is not even necessary to stare outside, as each aerobic machine is equipped with a personalized touch screen that is equipped to handle USB, iPod, as well as television.

There are 25 treadmills, 24 ellipticals, a dozen stationary bicycles, and several Precor adaptive motion trainers within the second floor vicinity of the new gym. And if you stroll on downstairs, there are tons of weights and machines for the “bros” to use as the women monopolize the aerobic activities.

The lovely second floor of the Trudy Fitness Center.

I was very impressed by the new gym, except for one minor factor. The mat space. There is none. Literally, there is no designated mat space. So all of the girls who want to do ab workouts after running on the treadmill will have to fight over the few measly mats that are lying around, and even then get awkward stares from the “bros” who are questioning the women in their space.

The best part of my gym experience, besides getting to watch Grey’s Anatomy while I was on the elliptical, was the automated sensor system for water bottles. It senses your water bottle, and starts to fill it. It even senses when your individual bottle is full and stops at the appropriate time. What a great way to spend our money.

Well, not necessarily Colgate’s money, so much as the donor money. We needed a new gym, yes, and it is extremely nice. I am not entirely sure, however, if we in fact needed all the fancy gadgets that have accompanied the new gym–for example, having to swipe your card to go to each individual level. I am unsure why this is necessary if there is a sign-in sheet still on the desk. Shouldn’t it be one or the other?

At the end of the day, I am very happy we have our Trudy Fitness Center, do not get me wrong. There were so many people who went today it was very exciting to see all those people putting fitness into their lives. Exercise is just one component to a healthy lifestyle. 🙂

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