Study Habits

Classes at Colgate are hard, big surprise. However, I am always astounded at how few people flock to the library until after 8 pm. Like where are they all doing their work during the day? The Coop? Get real. The Coop is where you go when you have something you SHOULD be doing, but instead, you are scoping out that hottie from your Econ class. No, and I guess you could work in Ho, but seriously, how quickly do the jokes about living in “Ho” get old? Yet I continue to make snide and immature comments to my friends who still see its appeal.

And Cooley? More like Not-Cool. That is where you go when you are to frickin’ lazy to make it down to Case and get real work done, but you have work that you actually need to accomplish. And you are hoping to catch a glimpse of someone else who is also attempting poorly to do work. Or maybe you are hoping to be sexually assaulted if you go at night. Seriously. Have you been to Cooley after dark? It’s sketchy out there. Who knows what happens between those books.

Like I said, Case is the real place to go do work. However, even Case varies in work efficiency by Level. Take the 5th floor for example. The Café is a joke. You can’t get work done there unless it is a group project. It’s more like “its time for a break from my five minutes of work I just did”. However, if you go into the silent section of the library on the 5th floor, you will find that even unzipping your backpack is considered a faux pas. The fourth floor is also quiet, but those darn individual study bookcases separate you from every human possible. Plus side, probably will actually get work done. Down side, will not notice the total cutie in the button down on the other side of it until you leave.

The third floor is similar to the Café, however, it has more of an appearance of getting work done. Yet if you walk into the inner workings of the third floor, you see girls attempting to look smart to catch that senior’s eye. Most of these girls are in a sorority, trying to get the boys in the frats to eye them up. Moving on. The third floor bores me quickly. I have noticed that’s where the slightly less-smart Colgate students venture because they don’t understand how to use the stairs to get to another floor.

The second floor is my personal fave. It is a silent floor, so you can accomplish your work. But it’s not individual style like the 4th floor. You can get a table so you DO notice the cutie sitting near you and can gape all day long. Which I do frequently. In fact, there seems to be a great ratio of guys to girls there, and the guys seem to understand how to properly dress themselves. Definite plus. I’ve never ventured down to the first floor because that’s where we put all of our federal documents so that Colgate can claim some sort of Government importance. Whatever. It’s stupid in my opinion.

But if you go to Case in the middle of the day, it is EMPTY. EMPTY. As is Cooley and the Ho (let inappropriate comments ensue). However, the Coop is always packed. Everyone seems to be lookin’ for that guy from Econ I guess. Personally, no one in my Econ class was worth semi-stalking.

That’s all I have for now, I have to go actually do work. I’m currently in my room. Maybe I’ve just had an epiphany. Everyone does work in their ROOMS in the middle of the day. AHA! I’ve solved the riddle!

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