Airport Etiquette

Okay, none of us like going through security. It is a painful, albeit necessary process. Yet sometimes while I’m in line, I can’t help but wonder if the other people in line were under the impression they would not have to go through security.

Women, usually in their 20’s, come to the airport wearing things ranging from Stiletto’s to mini skirts, and then struggle when it is time to take their shoes off and go through security. I’m sorry, this shoe rule isn’t new. So maybe wear shoes that come off easily, like tennis shoes, or even slip-ons. There are cute shoes in that department as well. And honestly, do you think that you are going to meet the man of your dreams on the airplane? Like that ever actually happens. Most of the time you end up sitting next to one of four people: 1) The older person who wants to share their life story with you 2) A family with young children–who end up screaming  3) A unfortunately fat/obese person or 4) A business man/woman who does work on the flight and maybe will say two words to you. Seriously.

Another problem with people going through the line is that they get to their turn in the line, and then they have to find their baggy of liquids, take their shoes off, and pull their laptop out. But then they go through security and have forgotten their belt, or the coins in the pocket, or their cell phone–and have to go through again. This is extremely frustrating for other people in line who are, like me, already prepared to go through security. You wear something comfortable: sneakers, jeans–no belt, and a cute shirt. No extravagant jewelry.

DO NOT try to bring your water bottle through if it has water in it. this is not a new rule either. They will make you dump it out. Then getting extremely upset about it only causes a seen and makes you appear ignorant as a traveler. This may cause one of the sly people behind you to get angry at you–and take advantage of you given the chance.

When you get in line and pull your license and ticket out, grab your bag of liquids as well. And while you are at it, make sure nothing is in your pockets. Upon reaching the table for security, quickly grab as many containers as necessary–two if you have a laptop. Immediately place your backpack on the counter and get your laptop out, then place your coat/jacket, baggy, and any other straggling items into the second container. As you push those along take your shoes off. Then smile nicely at the TSA workers as you go through the body scanning machine. Do not talk, do not bring any questionable items. This only slows the line.

If you follow these tips, many of which George Clooney described in Up In the Air, I can guarantee that your travel experience will not only be less stressful, it might even be fun! 🙂

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