3-D Movies

I went to see the new Narnia movie today, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was quite entertaining. However, what I did not find very amusing were the prices of the movie tickets. Besides the fact that movie ticket prices are already expensive, when you see a 3-D movie they make you pay extra. Guess how much? $3. One dollar for each dimension!

Then they give you the glasses—okay, I guess the little Chinese workers who make these probably got paid $3 for their entire day’s work, I can pay $3. But at the end of the movie, they expect you to RETURN the glasses. Wait a minute; didn’t I have to pay extra for these?

I would understand making me return them if I didn’t have to pay extra for a 3-D movie, but when you have to pay for the glasses; shouldn’t you get to keep them? A couple months ago, I thought I had figured out a solution to this—just don’t return the glasses and then you can reuse your own at your next 3-D experience and avoid the cost. But nooooooooo. That doesn’t work. They then wonder 1) Why you already have a pair of 3-D glasses and 2) If they should confiscate those 3-D glasses. Therefore, the only real way to get around the extra cost—which adds up if you are a large group or have children—is to lie. Yes, lie.

Say you are going to a different movie, and then steal into your 3-D movie of choice. Unless you are opposed to lying. But if you are opposed to lying, shouldn’t you be wondering why you are being lied to about the reasoning behind the extra fee?

Roger Ebert, the famous movie critic said “Theaters slap on a surcharge of $5 to $7.50 for 3-D. Yet when you see a 2-D film in a 3-D-ready theater, the 3-D projectors are also outfitted for 2-D films: it uses the same projector but doesn’t charge extra.”

And let’s be honest, the 3-D effects in 99% of 3-D movies are not worth paying extra for anyways.

2 comments on “3-D Movies

  1. Jen says:

    That is what you get! I told you to watch “The Black Swan” 🙂

  2. Uncle Mack says:

    In some cases, 3-D can help a viewer enjoy the movie. But if the storyline is weak, then 3-D is just a techno-gimmick. Go see True Grit. Better yet, rent “Dangerous Beauty.” Those are good stories, beautifully filmed.

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